Mission and Goals

Southern Arizona Work Space, a project sponsored by Exo Roast Co., begins from the premise that stronger, healthier communities result when people come together—actually convene—in a spirit of purpose toward diversity, resilience, and durability. Through lectures, workshops, and other events, SAWS aims to enhance locally grounded knowledge and know-how.  We hope that the material and intellectual resources provided by the project will help conserve traditional practices and support innovative ones, all in an ethic of stewardship toward the cultural and natural heritage of the Arizona-Sonora region.  We want the forum to be focused but open-- That is, we intend to offer a place where the many individuals and organizations doing good work here can get the word out and share their expertise.

We know that people are interested in education long past their time in formal educational settings and are looking for vital experiences alternative to formal educational formats. We want to create a learning and working environment where people can recuperate some practical knowledge we feel is weakening in the 21st Century.

SAWS also looks to host informal--although focused and directed--reading groups to help people in our community think about the problems that confront us and the solutions that may be available to us.  The first theme we plan to take on,  in early 2017, concerns rethinking commonwealth in the present age of social, economic, and ecological uncertainty:  what is the meaning of work and how might we work together, properly husband land and water, build resources instead of mining them, and how can we move local economies in more constructive and cooperative directions?